Burglary protection for windows – here’s what to look out for

Burglary protection for windows

Burglary protection for windows – here’s what to look out for

Have you ever considered whether your home’s windows are burglar-proof? Statistically, it is still too often assumed that burglars enter a home through first-floor doors and windows. Just as often, basement windows or first-floor windows are used as entry points. So it is a good idea to read up on burglary protection and think about upgrading the doors and windows in your home.

– 1Why do I need to secure my windows against burglary?
– 2What options are there to secure windows with burglary protection?
– 3Locksmith 24-7  is at your service when it comes to burglary protection and security technology

Why do I need to secure my windows against burglary?

People who have already been victims of burglars because their own property was broken into and possibly not only material but also personal items were stolen, know that a burglary can affect the psyche.

Victims no longer feel safe within their own four walls and their living comfort suffers considerably from the burglary.

It is not uncommon for the lack of burglary protection and the attitude that one does not want to become a victim of burglars to be blamed for the fact that those involved come home one day and find the door or one of the windows broken open.

The shock is then deep and should therefore be avoided from the start by appropriate security technology.

What are the options available for securing windows with burglary protection?

According to police statistics, in 80% of burglaries, a window or window door is broken open, ensuring access to the property.

The police initiative “Politie Keurmerk Veilig Wonen” regularly provides tips and tricks to protect your own property from burglary and theft.

These measures do not always have to involve large sums of money.

But first, you should know that burglars will at least smash a window, as this causes a lot of noise. Instead, windows are much more likely to be broken.

Therefore, you need to invest in mechanical burglary protection so that the burglars already fail at breaking open the window and cannot continue their robbery.

You do not need to invest in new doors and windows immediately, it is enough to retrofit them, for example by installing lockable window handles, mushroom pins or screw-on security devices.

A door can also be retrofitted with a peephole, a trap lock or hooks.

However, it is also advisable to install suitable security film on windows and balcony doors, as they have a weathering effect. If these windows are smashed or smashed, the special film will hold the glass shards together and make breaking in more difficult.

If you want to protect your basement from burglars, we recommend suitable grilles or a locking bar as a method of defence.

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Can you recover locksmith’s costs from your landlord?

Whether you can have your landlord pay for locksmith’s costs, depends on the situation and your lease agreement. If you can prove that the lock broke due to aging or a manufacturing error, you can inform your landlord. However, did you simply lose your keys or leave them inside, then you will most likely have to pay yourself.

When will the landlord be held accountable?

When damage occurs to a lock that is used by all renters, then the landlord will need to solve the issue. Door locks to central areas in an office space or appartment building are good examples. If you call on locksmith services yourself, then all costs will fall on you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do with a rusty key?

There is a clear answer to this question: replace your keys. A rusty key is more likely to break inside its lock or to get stuck. This is why you should always replace them. Once broken, it is difficult to remove it from the lock. Usually you need to call in a locksmith and pay more than when you buy a new key. Be smart and buy a new key before trouble happens.

Should I always turn the key to close my front door?

We highly recommend you do. A door will close, but not seal properly when it falls into its lock. Turning the key will provide additional security and prevent burglars from entering your home. Also close your windows and doors by using the appropriate key.

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